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Matt Irwin

Yi Wu





Birla Institute of Technology and Science


Simran Krishnakant Kushwaha

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Ruweyda Sayid

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Black Futures Scholarship

Master students


Hamed Alahmad

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Undergraduate students


Abhirath Anand

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Sarah Aveline, MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2023
David Santo, MSc Biology and Marine Biology, 2023
Rachel Buchanan, MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2023
Cristian Aparicio-Maldonado, PhD, 2023
James Weir, BMBS Medicine, 2023
Kate Pearse, BSc Biomedical Sciences, intern, 2022
Morgen Hedges, MSc Biomedical Sciences, intern, 2022
Anne van den Hurk, MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2022
Liliana Jeziorska | Internship, 2022
Jordan Dingley, MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2022
Rupavidhya Mondi, MSc Biomedical Sciences , 2022

Ameena Naji | Internship, 2021
Hans Owen | Summer intern, 2021
Alessio Labanca, MSc Genomic Medicine, 2021
Yannick van Schajik, MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2021
Callum Pickett-Smith, MSc Biochemistry, 2021 | Summer intern 2021
Jesse Rolfe, MSc Biochemistry, 2021

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Principal Investigator

After my PhD in the Bacterial Genetics lab of Prof. John van der Oost at Wageningen University (2013-2017) on the structural and molecular aspects of phage-host interactions and on phage engineering, I started also to explore CRISPR-Cas immune systems and anti-defence systems as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Stan J. J. Brouns, Delft University of Technology (2017-2020). During this time I received a Veni award by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research to conduct independent research while embedded in the Brouns Lab. In July 2020 I set up my own lab at the University of Southampton focusing on many aspects of microbial interactions. Details of ongoing projects can be found at the Research Lines tab on our website.

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PhD candidates


Thomas Todeschini

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Daniela Rothschild Rodriguez 

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